Invoicing is a great way to offer a full-service shopping experience to your customers. You can send invoices easily to anyone who has indicated they'd like to purchase an item from you. The invoicing feature is super helpful in selling via your Facebook group, in-person event, vendor market and more. 

Before you get started using invoices, please watch our tutorial below to learn how to send invoices to customers. 

Ideas to use the invoicing feature for your business:

Facebook Groups: Your customers can comment with their email address and desired size/color on a post to easily order from you. Simply log on and send an instant invoice for the item they've requested.

In-Person Events: Keep customer transactions secure and simple by sending invoices instantly and letting your customer purchase their items on the spot for quick shipping (note this does not apply to cash & carry transactions)

Networking Sales: Do you often get asked "where'd you get that cute top?". Use the invoicing feature to engage new potential customers you meet for the first time. They can feel safe shopping with you when you offer to send them an instant invoice for the top you're wearing in less than 30 seconds. No need to capture payment details on a napkin or hope they remember to visit your link later. They'll have the item details and your contact info all in one email right away. 


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