• TOP TIP: Using Pre-Orders to Grow Your Business

    TOP TIP: Using Pre-Orders to Grow Your Business

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    TOP TIP: Are you using pre-orders to effectively grow your business long-term? Gina Babineaux   With all the success from our recent pre-order opportunities I thought it would be a good to share some of my top tips around the concept and how it can be a game-changer for your business. While they can be a quick way to reach your goals each month, pre-orders...
  • Top Tip: Go Beyond the Product Description

    Top Tip: Go Beyond the Product Description

    Sharing the product description from the website is a great way to explain our product to your network, but if you're really looking to grow your business, going a step further will make all the difference.   Giving a personal testimony about a product adds authenticity, trust and excitement into your marketing efforts. Program Leader, Betsy Guidry finds tremendous success with her videos and posts by...
  • Stylist Early Access FAQs

    Stylist Early Access FAQs

    Stylist Early Access is an opportunity for you to order for yourself or samples before items are made available to the public. You receive 40% off (45% for Senior Stylists!) for a limited time on one piece of each style. Once the items go LIVE on our site, the special 40% off discount ends, however you can continue to order unlimited quantities using your standard wholesale...
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