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About Us

Our Journey

"There has to be a better way." 

 Like many who have come before us, our story was born from the idea that, despite what traditional commerce tells us, there was a way to do things better. A way to use fashion as a platform to achieve more without sacrificing things that were important to us. A belief that if we did things right and remained focused on what was important to us that we'd find a balance of success and fulfillment. 

Was it scary? For sure!  Did we worry that if we didn't do it like the 'other guys' we'd fail in record time? Every day!  Had we considered that maybe there weren't enough of us out there who shared our need for something better? We certainly did!  But we did it anyway. We are fearlessly committed to building something amazing.

We've created a company that aims to offer affordable clothing + accessories that make people of all ages & sizes feel incredible. 

We've opened up an opportunity that gives like-minded women a chance to create their own journey on their own terms without the pressure traditionally associated with direct selling. 

We've made it our mission to give back to others because filling our wallets isn't as important as filling our hearts. 

This is AsherKate. We are rooted in passion, purpose and pretty things. We are taking a big leap and joining in community with our soul sisters to change the way eCommerce is done - because we believe there is a better way, and we believe in YOU.

About AsherKate

> Founded in October 2018

> Located in Katy,Texas - a suburb of Houston 

> We offer 35+ different brands of clothing + accessories 

> We donate 5% of every sale to featured causes that impact women, children & communities everywhere

Located at:

2125 Katy Fort Bend Rd.

Suite 201

Katy, Texas 77493

Gina Babineaux, Founder

In over 23 years in the retail & fashion industry, Gina has owned and operated successful boutiques and worked in corporate leadership for national direct sales companies and fashion brands. She's a wife, mom of 2 boys, dreamer, serial brainstormer and a firm believer that balance & success mean different things to different people and defining what that is to you is half the battle

Learn more about her personal journey here.

In addition to running all operations of AsherKate and our corporate team, Gina's primary focus is the Stylist Program and creating a unique opportunity for all women who share her love of entrepreneurship and following your dreams. 

She loves to connect with our Stylist community and can be reached anytime at  

Our Stylists

Our Stylists are family. They're a tribe of like-minded women who identify with our goal to create a business based on passion, purpose and pretty things. They care about others and recognize the impact they can make for not only their own journey but those of others. 

 AsherKate Stylists love to make others feel amazing! Whether that's through offering products that make someone smile when they look in the mirror or by opening up our community to other women who are looking for something more - they are here because they get it. They understand what we're trying to build and why we firmly believe that with enough people in our tribe who believe in what we do, we can make a real difference for ourselves and others. 

As a Stylist, you'll earn commission on everything you sell through our website, in-person, by sending invoices or on social media. You'll enjoy being lifted up and celebrated by women who accept you just as you are and who recognize that success comes in all forms and all wins are special!You'll learn. You'll grow. You'll meet adversity and you'll be challenged. You'll have highs and you'll have lows. It won't always be easy, but it will be worth it. We're here for you and beside you.

Our Legacy

We're growing AsherKate in an intentional way and know that along with our Stylists, we have great responsibility to leave a legacy for those that come after us. 

We feel that our success is more than just setting an example - it's affirmation that we were able to create a space where one didn't exist before. That we're able to prove to ourselves and to others there is a better way to do business; and that people working together with the right focus can affect change in an impactful way. 

 As one of our Founding Stylists, you're in a unique position to leave a legacy and we want you to know how important that is to all of the people you will touch along your journey.AsherKate aims to create a legacy for women to feel welcomed, inspired, empowered and accomplished.

Our Legacy Goals

  • Offer a way for all women to succeed that is only limited by how hard they are willing to work. Where financial or social circumstances do not hinder success. 

  • Provide a place of learning and encouragement that includes not only business training but personal development opportunities that nurture both mind and soul. 

  •  Prove through our actions that together we created a business model of success that is flexible, authentic, ethical, positive and financially rewarding for all who join our journey. 

  • Grow AsherKate to a level where we have the collective power to source and manufacture product that is created by women near and far. We will lift up other women businesses and champion their success along with ours. 

  • Increase the volume of our donations and our volunteer hours so that we are touching women, children and communities in every corner. Together we will grow an army of purpose.

AKtion Program

Passion. Purpose. Pretty Things.

Our motto for AsherKate represents the three core pillars of our brand.

Passion. We're made up of a community of women who are passionate, driven and centered in the desire to create the best version of themselves. Whether your passion is doing what you love in the fashion field or whether you're here because AsherKate is a means to further other things in your life that you are passionate about - there's room at our table for you.  We are fueled by a common desire to lead and grow together in a way that speak to each individual soul. 

Purpose.  We're here for a greater purpose. Our goal is to continue to grow as a purpose-driven company known not only for great product and service, but for the difference that together we are making for others. Our AKtion program is a big part of our desire to impact women, children and communities everywhere.  AsherKate Stylists share that same purpose to put great things out into the world. 

Pretty Things. We're committed to sourcing quality products that our customers and Stylists are proud to represent. Our products are carefully curated to represent the style and needs of the everyday woman. Comfortable, casual and affordable. We strive to always work with manufacturers who practice responsible management of workers, materials and business practices. Offering pretty things for all shapes and sizes at an accessible price point is something we're proud to represent. 

Featured Causes

We're proud to donate 5% of all sales to worthwhile causes impacting women, children and communities everywhere.  Each month, we select up to 3 non-profits as our Featured Causes for the month. As a featured cause, the chosen 501(c)3 organizations are listed at checkout for customers to choose their favorite to donate their 5%. (or choose all + divide equally)

AsherKate remits donations weekly on behalf of our customers and company by electronic debit of our account. We use the company Pledgeling, a leader in charitable contribution management, to handle our donations. 

We encourage all Stylists to nominate deserving organizations whom they are passionate about through our online nomination form. 

In our first 12 months of business, we've made more than 17,000 donations that have impacted over 30 different organizations.


Beginning in 2020, AsherKate will further our commitment to impacting communities everywhere through our local donation program. Available through AsherKate Stylists only, we will donate up to (4) $25 Gift Cards per year (per Stylist) to approved 501(c)3 organizations to aid in their fundraising efforts such as auctions, raffles, contests, etc.

Schools, youth sports teams, churches, service organizations and others can request a donation for their event directly with their Stylist. The Stylist should submit the information (including a copy of the organization's non-profit status) at least 30 days prior to the date needed using this online form: coming soon! 

An organization may receive only one (1) Gift Card per year from a Stylist. Stylists are eligible to apply for up to four (4) cards per year. We reserve the right to decline donation requests that do not meet certain criteria as determined by our management or in the event that the terms of the Local Donation program change at any time. 

Stylist Support

Corporate Team

Gina Babineaux

Founder / CEO

About Gina

In over 23 years in the retail & fashion industry, Gina has owned and operated successful boutiques and worked in corporate leadership for national direct sales companies and fashion brands. 

She's a wife, mom of 2 boys, dreamer, serial brainstormer and a firm believer that balance & success mean different things to different people and defining what that is to you is half the battle. 

In addition to running all operations of AsherKate and our corporate team, Gina's primary focus is the Stylist Program and creating a unique opportunity for all women who share her love of entrepreneurship and following your dreams. 


Tina Hammerle

Marketing Manager

About Tina

coming soon.

Alissa Lockerby

eCommerce Manager

About Alissa

coming soon. 

Myka & Jessica

Fulfillment Leads

About the Team

coming soon.

Field Leadership + Your Sponsor

The person who invited you into our AK Circle is your Sponsor/Leader. She's your go-to resource to learn the ins and outs about growing your Stylist business and to help you navigate through all of the information and tools available to you. You can find her contact information in your Stylist Panel.  If you did not join us through a Sponsor, we've connected you with someone whom we feel would be an excellent fit so you have the full circle of support we offer. 

We recommend that you first reach out to your Sponsor with any questions, but know that our corporate support team and our Program Leaders are always here to help! 

Our Program Leaders are seasoned veterans in direct sales, team management, product knowledge and more. They provide an extra level of support and mentorship to all Stylists, whether you are just getting started, on your way to growth, or looking to elevate your role as a team leader. Our Program Leaders are Stylists in the field, just like you, and are great at sharing tips and ideas to reach your goals!

Ashleigh Bachand

About Ashleigh

Ashleigh is a wife and mom of two from a city just south of Boston, Massachusetts. 

She loves fashion, Harry Potter and iced lattes from Dunkin’ Donuts. 

Ashleigh has over 15 years of sales, training and clienteling experience between both the retail and corporate sides of the apparel business. The last 5 years she was a direct sales leader, mentor and top sales performer at a jewelry company. 

Her strengths are in networking, event planning and execution, personal styling and clienteling services.

Contact Me

Betsy Guidry

About Betsy

I am a work-from-home Mom of 2 little ones (with a 3rd baby on the way!) and I live in a small town outside of Lafayette, LA. 

In addition to all things clothing & makeup, I enjoy a great cup of coffee, reading, exercising, and outdoor activities with my family. 

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising Management, and I have over 10 years of working experience in retail, customer service, management, and education in the fashion & beauty industries. 

 I have been with AsherKate since the company launched in 2018, and I truly consider this my dream job! How amazing is it that I can be home with my kids, while also running a fashion biz & helping others to do the same?! I feel blessed to work with so many talented and inspiring women, and have really found my purpose through AK ❤

Contact Me

Wendy Mikulka

About Wendy

Wendy lives in Northern California with her husband, two of her 4 grown children and her dog Lexi. 

During her free tine you’ll find Wendy at her dojang practicing her 3rd degree black belt taekwondo skills! Wendy also LOVES to travel. 

She’s had over 12 years of experience in direct sales, in both beauty & fashion. She’s been a leader in 10 of those years at one point mentoring a team of over 200. 

It’s so amazing how life comes full circle because Wendy’s first job was in a boutique store at her favorite mall when she was a teenager. 

 She loves to help women find their potential and gain confidence in what they do as both a customer or fellow stylist. 

Contact Me

Melissa Wheeler

About Melissa

A Texas native, I’m wife, mother of 3 and mostly a soccer car service for busy kids. 

I love photography, reading and all things sports. Plus, because of my love of fashion AsherKate let’s me explore me! 

An accountant turned direct sales team leader for the past several years, I'm rediscovering myself in a new way and using my gifts to inspire and empower others to reach their goals and be their best versions of themselves.

Contact Me

Stylist Community

This section coming soon!


Role of an AsherKate Stylist

Requirements + Expectations

There are no monthly requirements to stay active as a Stylist.  We do require that you sell a minimum of $400 per year at retail to maintain your account and benefits such as personal discounts and team commissions. If this is ever the situation, we'll reach out to you and discuss. It is very rare that a Stylist would not meet this low annual requirement.

You must be 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States to be an AsherKate Stylist. 

There are no expectations on how few or how many hours you need to work. This is an independent & flexible opportunity designed to meet your unique goals and lifestyle. We have found that our most successful part-time Stylists are dedicating 8-15 hours per week to their business and our most successful full-time Stylists are working approximately 25-30 hours per week. This differs for everyone but being consistent and giving your best effort is important to reaching your goals. We encourage you to spend as much time growing your AsherKate business as you feel comfortable with.

You do not need fashion experience to be an AsherKate Stylist. We find that those that come to AsherKate do so because they love fashion and styling others, however having experience in the industry is not indicative of your potential for success. Some of our top Stylists are women who are learning about fashion right along with their networks. Their authenticity, genuine love for sharing their style and great communication skills have been instrumental in growing their business.

While we do offer a recruitment commission and leadership opportunity to all Stylists, our focus is on helping you build a successful business as an independent Stylist. Recruiting new Stylists is not a requirement of your role. If you choose to pursue team-building or the Senior Stylist role we are here to support you every step of the way.

Please refer to our Stylist Terms & Conditions for more details about program requirements.

Reaching your Goals

This section coming Soon!

Stylist Dues

Stylist dues are $9.95 per month. 

They're collected through your recurring billing agreement with Paypal and cover the expense of your unique URL, website tools, marketing materials and all benefits of being an AsherKate Stylist.

Dues are debited monthly on the anniversary date of your account creation. In the event that your dues payment is unable to be collected, your account will be set to inactive and the billing agreement terminated with Paypal. You will have 15 days to remit the balance due or the account will be subject to formal termination. 

Please reach out to for assistance or questions regarding your recurring dues account.

Program Perks

Wholesale Discount

Stylists Standard Wholesale Discount

Stylists are eligible for 30% OFF all regular priced items when they purchase using their wholesale discount.

To purchase wholesale, use code STYLIST 30 at checkout. 

Note that items purchased at wholesale do not count towards your Total Lifetime Sales (TLS) or your annual sales quotas.

Wholesale Return Policy: Items purchased at wholesale can be returned within 14 days for STORE CREDIT ONLY. Wholesale purchases are not eligible for refunds. 

Stylist Early Access 

Stylists Early Access 

Stylist Early Access (SEA) is an additional wholesale discount when we launch new collections. The discount is available during set dates typically 2-5 days prior to the public launch. The goal of SEA is to give Stylists an opportunity for first access to new arrivals for their personal wardrobe. SEA orders are shipped before general orders so that you can receive your items and share them with your network IRL.     

To purchase during SEA, use code STYLIST40 at checkout. 

Note that items purchased at wholesale do not count towards your Total Lifetime Sales (TLS) or your annual sales quotas.  

Wholesale Return Policy: Items purchased at wholesale can be returned within 14 days for STORE CREDIT ONLY. Wholesale purchases are not eligible for refunds.

Stylist Early Access FAQs

How do I order? 

We have a special section on our site for Stylists to preview and order items before they are added to the main site. You must be logged into your Stylist account to access the private Early Access Area 

How much can I order?

You can order only one of each Style during Stylist Early Access at 40% off. This perk is so that you can choose any samples or personal pieces that you may wish to have to help promote your business. A Style is considered any item with the same name (even if it comes in multiple colors and/or the colors are listed as separate products on the site). We limit this amount to ensure that all of our Stylists have the opportunity to participate in Early Access while still leaving enough inventory for our actual launch days. 

Can my customers shop Early Access?

This is a Stylist only perk. Orders need to be placed using your stylist email account and shipped to your address to be eligible. Customers can shop new arrivals beginning on our "What's New Wednesday" launch days. 

Can I exchange or return?

Items purchased during Stylist Early Access can be returned for store credit only within 14 days of receipt. We do not provide exchanges or holds. We are unable to honor the Early Access discount (40%) after the launch date even when exchanging for a different size of the same item. 

Can I order other items at 40% OFF? 

The code is valid only on the items in the Stylist Early Access section. We recommend placing separate orders for any additional items outside of SEA (retail or at 30%) as you can use only one discount code per order.  

Can I order more than one of each Style at 40% off?

While the cart may allow you to do so, please be aware as mentioned above that you can only order one of each Style at 40% OFF. A Style is considered any item with the same name (even if it comes in multiple colors and/or the colors are listed as separate products on the site). If your order contains multiples; additional items/colors/sizes will be removed at our discretion and refunded. 

Incentives + Contests

We love celebrating our Stylists' success with fun incentives and contests.

These are announced via email and in our private Facebook Group when they begin and end.  All active Stylists are eligible to participate in any contests or incentives we offer. Each contest or incentive has it's own set of rules and policies. Please refer to the promotional doc or listing for each one for additional details, terms & conditions.

Please allow up to 30 days for prizes (digital or physical) won in any of our incentives or contests to be distributed to the winners. 


Commission Plan



20% of all retail sales

3% of all direct team sales


Senior Stylists Earn: 

25% of all retail sales 

5% of all direct team sales  

Sales commissions are earned on the full retail sale amount less any discounts, shipping or taxes. If an item is returned by a customer for a refund after commission has been paid on the item, the amount is deducted from your subsequent payout. For example, if your customer places a $98 order, you would earn either 20 or 25% of that amount.  The same applies to how we calculate commission for your direct team members.

Stylists do not earn commission on their wholesale purchases or purchases made using the email address associated with your Stylist account. These are considered Stylist personal purchases.  If you need to place an order on behalf of a client, we strongly recommend using our invoice feature to collect payment, an alternate email address other than your Stylist one, or placing it under the complete information and email address of the customer.

We reserve the right to withhold or decline commission payouts for reasons such as returned goods, a balance due on your payout or dues account, misuse of the commission/order system, etc. 

Getting Paid

Stylists are paid eligible commissions every other Friday, typically by 3pm CST by Paypal.  Commissions paid include sales completed up to the end of the previous day. 

There is a $25 minimum threshold to be paid commissions for a pay period.  If your commissions due do not exceed $25 for a pay cycle, the balance will roll over until the next period where the threshold has been reached. 

In order to be paid during a payout cycle, please ensure that your payout details have been submitted and saved in your Stylist Panel. If a Paypal email is not saved in your account, the system will skip the payout and it will roll over to the next cycle.

You can access your Payout details in the Stylist Panel under My Profile > Payout Methods.

Total Lifetime Sales (TLS) Milestones

details coming soon.

Sales Channels + Tools

The Hub

The Hub is your comprehensive landing page that includes easy access to your panel log-in, image library, training links and more. We also use The Hub to bring you information on upcoming events, announcements, product notices and more. We're adding new features to the Hub all the time!

You can only view The Hub when you're logged into the website under your Stylist email address and login. 

Your Unique Link

Each Stylist receives a unique URL to track commissions and customers who visit our site to shop with you. Your URL was created when you became a Stylist. Every URL begins with a hashtag and the 3-10 digit ID that you chose.  You can find your full link in your Stylist Panel at the top of the dashboard page. 

Our unique link tracking is powered by the leading sales tracking software in the industry. They use a combination of cookies and IP address to track referrals for the best possible reliability. When your customer follows your link to our site, our system registers the client and places cookie on his or her computer. When the visitor pays for the product, our system checks for cookie (if not found, checks for IP address of referral) and credits your account with commission. 

Can I change my link?

You are not able to change your link directly in your Stylist Panel however should you need to change it, our Support Team can assist you.  Changing your link is not recommended because any visitors using your old link will no longer be attached to you once the ID is changed.  Please reach out to Support for assistance.

Can I create my own URL outside of AsherKate?

It is common for some Stylists to create their own URL and re-direct it to their AsherKate page. This is done directly with your domain name provider (such as Go Daddy, 1-and-1, etc.) and not AsherKate. This is allowed, however we cannot always guarantee that the re-direct method that you use will correctly link the sale to your account as this varies with your technology and ours. Always be sure to test out your 3rd party  link before sharing with your network.   

PLEASE NOTE: You are not allowed to create URLs that resemble or use the name AsherKate in them. If we feel that your URL could appear misleading in any way or does not clearly indicate your independent relationship with the company we will require you to remove it at your expense. If you are unsure, you can email and request approval for your URL prior to purchasing it from your domain provider.


New Feature! The first of it's kind in the industry. Stylists can now send invoices directly to customer's by email for easy and quick order placement. 

Invoicing is a great way to offer a full-service shopping experience to your customers. You can send invoices easily to anyone who has indicated they'd like to purchase an item from you. The invoicing feature is super helpful in selling via your Facebook group, in-person event, vendor market and more. 

Before you get started using invoices, please watch our tutorial to learn how to send invoices to customers.  


Ideas to use the invoicing feature for your business:

Facebook Groups: Your customers can comment with their email address and desired size/color on a post to easily order from you. Simply log on and send an instant invoice for the item they've requested.

In-Person Events: Keep customer transactions secure and simple by sending invoices instantly and letting your customer purchase their items on the spot for quick shipping (note this does not apply to cash & carry transactions)

Networking Sales: Do you often get asked "where'd you get that cute top?". Use the invoicing feature to engage new potential customers you meet for the first time. They can feel safe shopping with you when you offer to send them an instant invoice for the top you're wearing in less than 30 seconds. No need to capture payment details on a napkin or hope they remember to visit your link later. They'll have the item details and your contact info all in one email right away. 

Social Media

coming soon.

In-Person Stylist + Events

coming soon.

Stylist Panel


This section coming soon!

Sales Reports

This section coming soon!


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Creating your Brand

Let your Light Shine

Map out Your Journey

Become an Expert

Brand Assets + Guidelines

Social Media

Promoting + Selling through Social Media

Social Media Marketing Best Practices

Our Social Media Policy


Senior Stylist Role




Why Leadership?

You Impact Others

Be the Legacy

Grow your Business

Sponsoring New Stylists

Sharing the Opportunity

Identifying ideal Candidates

The Application Process

Team Management


Fostering Community


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