Top Tip: Go Beyond the Product Description


Sharing the product description from the website is a great way to explain our product to your network, but if you're really looking to grow your business, going a step further will make all the difference.  

Giving a personal testimony about a product adds authenticity, trust and excitement into your marketing efforts. Program Leader, Betsy Guidry finds tremendous success with her videos and posts by sharing great detail about the products she promotes. Below are her top tips for how to elevate engagement with product description!


The “Description” is just the beginning...

Whether you are recording a style video, going live modeling an outfit, or just posting a selfie in your AsherKate to share with your customer network, there are some great points that you can cover in addition to the product description! 

When I do any of the above, I like to share what I call the Triple F’s — 

How does it Feel

Is the fabric stretchy, or is there very little to no stretch? Is there a texture to the fabric or is it smooth? Is it sheer or opaque? Is this a fabric that is wrinkle-free, or do you suggest steaming? 


How does it Fit?

Is this style loose & relaxed, or more fitted to define the body? Does it fit true-to-size, or is it suggested to size up or down if in between sizes? If it’s a Top or Dress, is it Bra-Friendly? If Pants/Maxi, how would height affect shoe choice? 


How does it Flow

This is where you can describe all the details of the lines: Neck, Sleeve, Waist & Hem. What types of lines does it have? Is there elastic anywhere? Where does the sleeves/waist/hem fall in regards to your height and size? This is also where you can share your specific stats, and what size you are wearing to better help your audience. 


Knowing and sharing the description is always great; however, there is really so much more you can educate your viewers on to promote an elevated shopping experience with you. This can also help to increase trust in you, and your business! 

Try out the Triple F’s next time you rock your AK, and share your thoughts with us here! 

- Betsy Guidry


  • Posted on by Antonia Schoembs
    I love this tip! Sometimes it’s best to simplify verbiage but give the customer imagine they are holding the item.
  • Posted on by Brenda Bell
    Betsy, Those are all great ideas🥰The easier it is for the customer the better.will be sure to follow these tip🍁

    Thank you🥰

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