It’s a new month! Time to set some goals and get motivated to make them happen! Have you heard about setting SMART Goals before? There is a reason that setting SMART goals is so popular…because it works and you are more likely to ACCOMPLISH your goals if they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound!! By ensuring that your goals have all the components of a SMART goal, you will get the most out of your efforts. Setting SMART goals also helps you to foresee any major or minor roadblock that could slow you down before you even get started so you are able to mentally prepare for what is ahead, stay focused and know how you are going to get it done! Yes it may take a little more effort to ensure you are setting successful goals, but I promise it will be worth it in the end!

So, get your pen and paper (or digital notes) ready and lets dive in!



SPECIFIC - To set a specific goal, you need to answer the six “W” questions:

  • Who - Who is involved in this goal?
  • What - What is it that you want to accomplish?
  • Where - Identify the location (physical or virtual)
  • When - Create your timeline.
  • Which - What are the constraints or requirements of your goal?
  • Why - MOST IMPORTANT - What is the purpose or benefit of reaching your goal?

MEASURABLE - Detail exactly what you will use to measure your progress as you work to complete your goal.

When you are able to measure your progress you are more likely to stay on the path to success! You will also be able to see if you need to make adjustments or changes to your goal or timeline as its happening. To figure out how to measure your goal, ask yourself questions like “How much?” “How many?” or “How will I know when I have achieved my goal?”

ATTAINABLE - After you have identified your goal and determined how you are going to measure your success, take a look at how attainable it is and how much effort it will require. Look at your calendar and schedule of any other projects you might be working on and determine if you will be able to dedicate the time needed to achieve your goal.

REALISTIC - Your goal should be something that you are able to realistically work towards. And even if a goal is set high does not mean that it is unrealistic as long as you have the time and energy to put into it!

TIME-BOUND - Timing is so important to setting achievable goals! No goal is achievable if you do not have the time for it. Think about how long it took you to achieve a similar goal in the past, that will help you to set appropriate timing for your new goal.


Now let’s look at an example SMART goal! EX: I want more people in my Facebook Group. While this may sound like an ok goal, there are no specifics, no way to measure success, no way to know if its attainable, realistic and it has no timeframe. So let’s make this a SMART Goal.

SPECIFIC - To set a specific goal, you need to answer the six “W” questions:

  • Who - ME and my group members
  • What - I want to add 100 new members
  • Where - my VIP Facebook group
  • When - by the end of the month!
  • Which - I have to ask my members to ask their friends and they may not do that. I also can only add as many people as I have friends (after asking them permission) so I am limited by my friends list.
  • Why - MOST IMPORTANT - This will allow me to introduce AsherKate to a fresh audience and create new excitement and engagement in my VIP group, which in turn could also excite the older existing members and result in more sales!

MEASURABLE - Break it down! If I want 100 new members in 30 days then I need to figure out how to measure if I am successfully working towards my goal.

  • 100 / 4(the number of weeks) = 25 new members per week.
  • 25 / 7(days in the week) = 3.6 new members per day.

Now I am able to keep track on a daily basis if I am on track or ahead/behind of schedule!

ATTAINABLE - I know that based on my calendar, I will be able to dedicate 1 hour each day to helping to grow my group which I think gives me plenty of time to make my goal attainable!

REALISTIC - Yes, I think my goal is realistic and challenging!

TIME-BOUND - My goal has a specific timeframe and I will be able to monitor and measure my success on a daily basis!

MY SMART GOAL: I want to increase my Facebook Group membership by 100 new members by the end of the month. That means an average of 4 new members every day will be added by myself and/or my existing group members.

So what do you think? Are you ready to make your goals SMART? Once you have set your goal for the month, share it on our Stylist Facebook Page so we can be your accountability partner and cheer you on in your success!


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