'Dress'-ing Into Fall!



As we head into the cooler months, your customers may be thinking more about sweaters and pants instead of dresses… unless you can show them how to style dresses past the end of summer!

Below are a couple of tips and resources so you can CREATE YOUR OWN style blog, video, selfies or photo collage to show your customers how to make the most of their wardrobe when they invest in an AsherKate dress!


  1. DO SOME RESEARCH! Head to Google, Pinterest and Youtube. There are a TON of awesome blog posts and videos to use as inspiration when you are trying to find ideas for styling a dress into fall and winter. Make sure you are using these blogs as jumping off points for you to CREATE YOUR OWN style guides for your customers. They want to hear your tips and see YOU in the photos or videos you share. Be the expert they can rely on. 

    Reading blog posts not only gives you ideas for how to style a dress for fall and winter, but also how to present those ideas to your customers. Do you want to use selfies, photo collages or video?!
  2. Try to use AsherKate product as suggestions when possible, but don’t be afraid to share other brands when appropriate! When you are sharing videos or selfies of yourself with your network, there are going to be times that you can’t complete the outfit with all AsherKate items. You don’t buy all your clothes from one place, so don’t expect your customers to either. When you are honest with your customers and show them how you REALLY dress each day, they are more likely to shop with you! Showing them that the leggings you love from Old Navy paired with an AsherKate dress, boots from Nordstrom and AsherKate earrings allows them to think about the stuff they have (or are lacking) in their own wardrobe! They might say, “Hey I have cute boots like that…I should buy that dress to wear with them in the fall!” Below is an example of the types of "Styling" posts I share with my VIP Group that always get a lot of interest. 

    If you are looking for AsherKate items that could be styled with a dress for fall and winter, try searching the site for items like "Cardigans", "Jackets", "Scarves", "Leggings", and "Jewelry"! 

  3. Don’t own a lot of AK yet? No problem! Search the AsherKate site for in-stock items that you can use to style a dress VIRTUALLY! Make a collage like the one pictured below on a free site or app like Picmonkey, Canva, PicCollage and more. Share your collages with your network to show them your style skills!

    This collage was made on picmonkey.com
  4. ASK YOUR FELLOW STYLISTS FOR INSPIRATION! We are a community that supports and uplifts one another! Search the AK Stylist Group or simply create a post asking for style tips and inspiration, both in more ideas or actual photos! Use these photos to come up with your own looks, or as examples in a blog or FB post where you are sharing your own tips. I was able to find a few examples of our very own stylists with fall-inspired dress looks by just searching! Just make sure to ask their permission before using the photo. Betsy and Denise (below) have both given their permission for ALL stylists to use these pictures if they want!
    Stylist Betsy Guidry wearing the AsherKate Iva cardigan over a dress is a perfect look for fall!

    Stylist Denise Doss wearing the AsherKate Hadley jacket with her AK Dress!


How are you going to style your dresses for fall and winter?! Share your style tips, inspiration, photos, collages and more with us in the AK Stylist Facebook group!


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