5 Tips for Social Media Success


Learn from our industry veterans on what works for their business in this feature series from our team of Program Leaders.


5 Tips For Social Media Success
by Melissa Wheeler


Be The Brand
This is your business and you control how you want to present your business to the world. Think about how you come across in your social media posts and photos. Are your photos drawing your network in? Do the posts make them want to support and buy from you? When you think about being an entrepreneur do you want to come across as professional, authentic, graceful, or confident? Always keep in mind that your social media is a window into your life and your business.

Be Consistent
If your website was a brick and mortar store how would you run it differently? Would you work one day and then get busy with life and not open the doors the next? Probably not, so you want to be consistent online just as if it was a boutique store people would walk into. Find a day to plan your social media or schedule a post at the same time everyday. Eventually people will get use to seeing your posts and start to look forward to them and that is how you begin to create a following.

Be Connected
When customers engage with you, engage with them. Comment, like, share and build genuine connections with your clients. People want to support people. They want to support causes they believe in. They want to support small businesses. When they feel like they know you on a personal level they are more likely to make purchases from you. Simply telling your network to buy or shop your link, or boutique comes across as you thinking of them a dollar signs. Find multiple ways to connect with your base.

Be Current
Identify your target audience and speak to them in their language. You can’t sell something to your grandmother on snapchat if she only just learned to use Facebook. And know that there is not a one size fits all post for every platform. Experiment with different ways to market and engage your network. Use interactive ways to communicate such as videos, lives and stories. And if something isn’t working for you, get curious and do some research about how to best use a particular platform before abandoning it and calling it quits.

Be An Expert
We are asking customers to trust us and listen to our thoughts, suggestions and opinions. Know your products. Offer styling tips and tricks. Make it simple for them to shop and know that we are guiding them in the right direction. Offer current trend watches, and celebrity looks to them and pieces together styles for them to achieve it. Offer incredible customer service for the entire process. Be their go-to-girl for all things sale and they will continue to follow you and come back.


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